Ivonna Sosa

COO Co-Founder at Caribbean Paradise Homes

  • Service Areas: Luxury Properties
  • Specialties: Second Homes

About Ivonna Sosa

Although I was born and raised in Santo Domingo, I spent most of my weekends in Casa de Campo from early on. This positive early experience led me to move to the resort after graduating from college. As a permanent resident of Casa de Campo Resort I started working in real estate from the inside out, managing construction projects, decorating and equipping villas, designing and creating landscapes, hiring and training staff, managing villas, renting and reselling. I had the chance to work with the Italian developers of Jardin Minitas and Casa de Campo Marina, selling and building Villas El Ingenio, leading the sales department of Casa de Campo’s real estate developer for 4 years, and developing Villas Las Terrazas.

All this experiences, and many more, gave me the opportunity not only to meet and get to know most of the property owners but also mastering how this amazing gated community works, how the market is leading, and the legal aspects of the industry, knowledge that I use to guide my clientele to make the best possible investments. Clients appreciate my honesty, my training, and my discretion. I love to make their dreams come true, helping them find not only a house and the very best investment, but the perfect lifestyle for their entire family in a place I’ve called home for more than 24 years.

Language: English, Español

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